Sunday, February 28, 2010

ReSite no.11- hot off the press!

Welcome to the eleventh issue of ReSite. ReSite is an assembling magazine - works are conceived with an element of audience participation or interaction. ReSite is part of the tradition of Fluxus publications where the reader is given the opportunity of re-interpreting the author by performing their instruction or score.

‘Leave your mark…’, ‘Connect The Dots’, ‘Free Trade’ draft, create your own 3-d garden, ‘Action For Tourist’ and find a use for ‘Gorson’ are just some of the instructions you will find in this issue of ReSite. 

Site Workers

Mark Banks . Katie Barnes . John M.Bennett . Keith A. Buchholz . James Church . Andy Coclough . David Dellafiora . Piet Franzen . Dirk Frohlich . Sarah Guilfoil . Nicole Henson . Eberhard Janke . Walter Pennacchi . Plagium 2000 . Snappy . Martin Stewart . Jenny Storey . Rod Summers . Jo Teanby . Lubomr Tymkiv

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