Thursday, June 30, 2011

KART 27- hot off the press!

Welcome to the 27th issue of KART, an instant art collection in a box! The cover of this edition depicts John Lennon's 1965 book A Spaniard In The Works. Lennon was deeply interested in numerology. He placed great significance on the number 9 and the triple 9 of the number 27.

KART magazine is an assembling publication created to promote artistic and cultural diversity. KART is an ongoing project, with no deadlines, and work is accepted on a continuing basis. KART is produced in limited editions of 40, each box containing works by 15 artists.

All artists taking part receive an edition. Limited numbers are available for purchase at $20 US including international postage. Payment via Paypal to

Artists in KART 27
Australia: Robyn M Fry • David Learmouth • Marianne Midelburg • Jiri Tibor Novak • Ian Scarlett • Brenda Wise Belgium: Thierry Tillier Canada: Mailarta • Snappy Germany: Angela Behrendt Italy: Serse Luigetti Netherlands: Magda Lagerwerf Ukraine: Lubomyr Tymkiv USA: John M Bennett • Stephen Perkins

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