Monday, October 17, 2011

Shell Suit After Joseph Beuys


  1. Hi David, good stuff.
    A secular icon and match made in hell? In May 1974, Beuys at the invitation of Richard Demarco of the Demarco Gallery (Edinburgh) performed Three Pots for the Poorhouse at the site of what was the Forrest Hill Poorhouse - an action Demarco wrote of as being a 'secular consecration', that contributed to the preparation of the building for a conference on the subject of north sea oil - the conference being part of the gallery's experimental summer school.
    The 1967 Torrey Canyon disaster might have featured in the conference discussions and there certainly seems to be much contemporary objection to sponsorship of the arts by the major oil companies based on the litany of disasters since then - including Shell's 'accidental' polluting of the North Sea.

  2. Hi Julian
    Thanks for the context on the 1967 Torrey Canyon disaster. I made the piece as a page for ReSite, big Shell site here in Geelong.
    best wishes