Friday, November 11, 2011

Field Study Post Box 12/11/2011

(first photo) Edition for WIPE, Emilio Carrasco, Mexico
Edition for WIPE, Marialina Corrasco M, Mexico
Works for both KART & WIPE, plus details of InContemporanea exhibition, Vittore Baroni, Italy
Edition 'Hatman' for KART, Magda Lagerwerf, Holland
Editions for both WIPE & KART, John M.Bennett, USA
Circulaire 132 n0.71, R.F.Cote, Canada
(second photo) Editions for both KART & WIPE, Angela Behrendt, Germany
Buz Blurr artistamp poster, C.T.Chew, USA
Edition for the 2011 Field Report, Schoko Casana Rosso, Germany
Edition for KART by A.McNeil, UK
Mail art, Otto Sherman, USA

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