Monday, January 9, 2012



Post Punk zines, small press publications and artefacts from the Field Study Archive

(9th – 23rd January 2012)

Geelong Library . 49 Little Malop St. Geelong VIC 3220 Australia

Displayed here are a selection of publications from alternative groups, zines by individuals, examples of network culture, visual poetry, eccentric and radical writings and disinformation produced in the UK, USA and Australia during the 80s and 90s.

These publications emerged from the DIY counter culture of the post punk era and employ tactics including anonymity, an anti-copyright stance, exploit the availability of photocopiers for self publishing and explore an anti-aesthetic and anti-consumerist visual style.

Publications, postcards and multiples by:

Association of Autonomous Astronauts . Axle . Blackshaw Press . Cactus Network . Church of the Subgenius . Classwar Karaoke . Bob Cobbing . Collective Effort . Coracle . Robin Crozier . Joe Decie . David Dellafiora & Simon Ford . Disembodied Art Gallery . Disinformation Network . Electrick Skizoo . Karen Eliot . Matthew Fuller . Global Mail . Evan Griffiths . Jim Hayes . Stewart Home . London Psychogeographical Association . Tony Lowes . Medium Sliced . Neoist Alliance . Nocturnal Emissions . Donald Parsnips . Mark Pawson. Paul Petard . Stephen Perkins. David Powell . Jamie Reid . Rubber Whammy . Smile . Slim Smith . Stefan Szczelkun . Thee Church Ov Ringo . Underground . Unpopular Books . Vile . Wack


  1. Hi David,

    100% agree with you. As a matter of fact, I have been using unfranked/uncancelled stamps for quite some time already. I get them at 50% of the face value and I am not paying taxes (another 15% to add when buying new stamps in Canada). Safest way to buy uncancelled stamps, is to get those still on paper. It is easier to spot the stamps good for reuse. Of course, it is a little bit more work to wash the stamps. If I was not doing this, I would not be able to support the mailing cost for the CIRCULAIRE132. As a matter of fact, the next issue of C132, postal cost is my editorial opening. Will keep an eye on Australian stamps for you.

  2. Great to see these, David. Best wishes with the show. Anthony (Classwar Karaoke / Murmurists) x