Friday, December 14, 2012

KART 38- hot off the press!

Welcome to the 38th issue of KART, an instant art collection in a box! 

KART magazine is an assembling publication created to promote artistic and cultural diversity. KART is an ongoing project with no deadlines, and work is accepted on a continuing basis. KART is produced in limited editions of 40, each box containing works by 15 artists. This issue, with homage to Shozo Shimamoto’s head art action on the cover, has 18 artists!

David Dellafiora (curator) Dec 2012

Australia: David Dellafiora • Rita Halabarec • Marianne Midelburg • Germany: Angela Behrendt • Uli Grohmann • Roland Halbritter • Andrew Maximilian Niss • Jürgen O. Olbrich • TICTAC Italy: Tiziana Baracchi • Vittore Baroni • Serse Luigetti Netherlands: Piet Franzen Spain: Antonio Moreno Garrido Ukraine: Lubomyr Tymkiv UK. Sonja Benskin Mesher USA: John M. Bennett • Andrew Topel

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