Friday, February 7, 2014

Field Study postbox 8/2/2014

 Letters to the ghosts of Julian Beere Field Study Emanation by Julian Beere, UK for the 2013 Field Report

Edition for KART by Kerosene, Canada
Editions for both KART and Wipe, plus printed booklet by Serse Luigetti, Italy

 Mail Art Makes The World A Town, assembling book N0.10, Cheryl Penn, South Africa

Centennial G.A.Cavellini Artistamps Folio, E.O.N.Archive Vittore Baroni, Italy

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  1. Hi David, thanks for the notification. I'm glad the package reached you, and a little more directly than the previous one. I look forward to seeing the next field report. Great work. Cheers!