Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thank you.Please Come Again!-Retail Cargo Cult (part 3)

 Coffee Shop - Joel Martinez
 CD Store - Eina Rekhi
 Video Store - Jason Richards
 Photography Gallery - Jessica Shea, Matthew Walters & Karen Sinnett
Pissing Pole-Doggie Shop - Zoe Snyder

Thank You. Please Come Again!
Retail Cargo Cult
Geelong After Dark
Friday 6th May 2016
Nos.116, 126a, 127, 130, 139, 142, 142a, 147, 152, 159
Moorabool Street Geelong, Australia

Thank you. Please come again!

Retail Cargo Cult embodies the imminence of a new age for Geelong, with the arrival of long awaited cargo.

Geelong shoppers have been dispossessed by the closure of independent shops and miss their retail therapy. Retail Cargo Cult recuperates the ecstatic experience of shopping, invoking the new age with shrines installed in the doorways of Geelong’s vanished businesses during Geelong After Dark.

Government initiatives have failed to bring back independent shops – only Retail Cargo Cult can save us. If proper ceremonies are performed and shrines created, riches and abundance will come. Replicas and tokens, made by the people, will bring shops overflowing with consumer goods.

Retail Cargo Cult shrines are magical objects constructed from the raw materials of consumerism that endow them with sympathetic magic. As ritualistic objects they invoke the forces of cargo at Geelong After Dark. 

Retail Cargo Cult Agents
David Dellafiora & Teresa Lawrence 

Geelong After Dark is a City of Greater Geelong & Diversitat project
Thank you. Please come again! is supported by Cloverdale Community Centre & Geelong After Dark

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