Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Field Report 2010 hot off the press!

The Journal Of Field Study International

Reflecting K. Frank Jensen’s a year of contemplation, the cover of this year’s Field Report looks back over its history of plastic comb bindings and to the future with a new wire binding. This edition sees the spirit of Fluxus alive and well through contributions such as Vittore Baroni’s ART DETOX project, Anna Banana’s Celebrating 40 years of fooling around with A. Banana event and Keith A. Buchholz’s full Fluxus program.

Psychogeography features strongly in this edition, with documents ranging from Julian Beere’s Walthamstow project to Carol Stetser’s Written on the Road. This edition also includes documents of recent public art in Geelong, including Street Face, a participatory project by Geelong’s multicultural organisation Diversitat with City of Greater Geelong Youth Development Unit, and Re-Configure, an installation by Mark Cuthbertson and David Dellafiora for the UCI Road World Championships plus Geelong Arts Alliance’s Street Salon.

2010 saw Field Study returning to the Fermoy Gallery, site of the Art of the Surreal Field Study residency in 1994, with a display of WIPE magazines at docment/a, King’s Lynn UK. Other Field Study activities included an artist-talk and workshop, Bound In Yellow, at Focus on Artists’ Books V at Artspace Mackay, Queensland Australia.

If you are visiting London in the next few months, the V&A Museum, National Art Library is hosting the exhibition Field Study International: Emanations of a Collective Spirit in Art from April 4th – September 5th 2011.

Again a thank you to all networkers who sent postcards, envelopes and foldouts with their emanations, as this ephemera reinforces the special nature of an assembling publication, providing interaction and pleasure to the reader. My thanks for their support of this edition go to Susan Hartigan, Geelong’s Youth Development Unit, Geelong Arts Alliance, NoFrillsArt, and the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry.

David Dellafiora

Field Study Emanations by

Martha Aitchison . Reed Altemus . Antic-Ham . Artpool. Anna Banana . Vittore Baroni  . Horst Baur . Julian Beere . John M Bennett . Bev Bills . Keith A. Buchholz . Chameleon Lectra . Patricia Collins . Marc Cuthbertson . David Dellafiora . Martin Desloovere  . Robyn M Fry . Picasso Gaglione . Antonio Gomez . Javier F. Granda . Karl-Friedrich Hacker . Susan Hartigan . Kommissar Hjuler . Invisible Books . Bronia Iwanczak . Mardi Janetzki . Eberhard Janke . K.Frank Jensen . Jennifer Kosharek . Kunst & Ko Kreaties . Magda Lagerwerf . Susanna Lakner . Pascal Lenoir . Serse Luigetti . Francis Van Maele . Christian Mildbrandt . Denis Mizzi . Emilio Morandi . Ken Naigus . Keiichi Nakamura NeRRaDa . Jurgen O.Olbrich . F’nL Osowski . Stephen Perkins . Benedict Phillips . Point d’Ironie . Ross Priddle . Bernd ReichertGlen Smith . Zoe Snyder . Pete Spence . Angela Stadthaus . State Of Being . Carol Stetser . Giovanni Strada . Alan Turner


  1. The new wire binding looks sooo gooood!

  2. Hello David, thanks to you for doing this and much respect for your energy over the years. I'm really looking forward to receiving another field report and may integrate it with some work, hopefully to go on show here in Walthamstow over the next few months.
    Lost and Found in E17, has published a map to assist fellow field students in locating the show at the V&A; under the title, 'a field student of Valhalla & Folkvangr' plus some catalogue details of the National Art Library's, field Study acquisitions.
    It's a wonderful idea for the cover.
    julian Beere.