Friday, April 29, 2011

ReSite no.2/ vol.2- hot off the press! Happy Walburga's Eve

ReSite – Manual of Scores, Manifestos & Radical Actions

ReSite for Revolt! With a cover image from Lindsay Anderson’s IF…, actions reclaiming the name of FLUXUS and a Royal Wedding score played with submachine gun, this issue of ReSite calls for your engagement.

ReSite is an assembling publication where pages have an element of audience participation or interaction. ReSite is part of the tradition of Fluxus editions where anyone can perform an action or score. In addition to this performance-based approach, ReSite taps into the rich tradition of the avant-garde with contributions of manifestos and documentation of art actions.

ReSite encourages participation by writers and musicians to produce visual scores and manifestos as well as continuing the call for contributions by conceptual artists. In this current issue you will find actions to be performed with Bananas and Bluetooth, have the opportunity to take part in Truth mail art exhibition, and search for the hidden surprise in Harriet Skillen’s pattern work.

If you are visiting London in the next few months, the V&A Museum, National Art Library is hosting the exhibition Field Study International: Emanations of a Collective Spirit in Art from April 4th – September 5th 2011 which has a number of ReSite issues on display.

Site Workers

Martha Aitchison UK Vittore Baroni Italy Julian Beere UK John M. Bennett USA. Keith A Buchholz USA Catherall UK JF Chapelle France David Dellafiora Australia Antonio Moreno Garrido Spain Michael Hampton UK Kelly Hiller UK Tom Jenks UK Ko De Jonge The Netherlands Frances Mawson UK Lee Moore UK Panneti UK Harriet Skillen UK Alan Turner UK Lubomyr Tymkiv Ukraine Mark Walters UK

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  1. David, do you have any extra copies of the last RESITE which I was not in??? I would love to have one if so and can trade two of my artists books series for it if you like or send money. Either one is fine.