Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Field Study Post Box 16/6/2010

Field Study emanation and 'Written On The Road' folio by Carol Stetser, USA
ReSite works by Reed Altemus, USA

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

field Study Post Box 9/6/2010

Field Study Emanation by Bronia Iwanczak, Australia
Two 'Bernd Reichert is (t)here' cards, Estonia and Germany
Works for Wipe by JF Chapelle, France
Sketch Book Comix and Spare Parts by Anthony Woodward, Australia
Works for KART ' Where did Wanda go when Robin died?' by Frank Jensen, Denmark
Franticham's Assembling Box 4, Francis Van Maele, Ireland
Last printed and posted copy of Book Arts Newsletter, now only on line at
Field Study Emanation and works for ReSite by John M. Bennett, USA