Monday, February 28, 2011

Field Study Post Box 28/2/2011

Artistamps from Reed Altemus, USA
Artistamps from Otto D Sherman, USA
Edition for KART by John M.Bennett, USA
Editions for KART & WIPE by Magda Lagerwerf, Holland
Edition for WIPE by Miche-Art-Universalis, Belgium
Chap book and WIPE edition by John M.Bennett, USA
Editions for KART & WIPE by Vittore Baroni, Italy

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Readymade Visual Poems

Edition of 40 Letraset badges made for Red Fox Press, Fluxus Box edition

Zines made for IMPRINT

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zine project for IMPRINT magazine

Dear friends of the PCA,
To coincide with the June Issue of IMPRINT, which is themed ‘Artists Books’, The Print Council of Australia is encouraging its members and friends to produce zines in an enormous random zine exchange. 
A zine [short for magazine] is indeed a small ‘booklet’, most often photocopied and stapled and can be filled with your writing- story, poetry, musings, and/ or your drawing, doodling, photographs, and is quite ephemeral in its nature. For example, I have come across ‘fan zines’, filled with musings on peoples favourite macaroons, recipes, journal entries describing the baking process, lists of people they gave the macaroons to. 
It can be a personal story or factual observations, written or illustrative, the content is entirely up to you, our only requirement is in order to include the zine in the postage of Imprint, we need the zine to be small and lightweight. [Finished size: no larger than A6- 10.5 x 15cm. Up to 16 pages- = 2 x A4 sheets cut and folded.]
[And we ask that the content not be offensive in any way to a broad audience.]
If you google zines you will come across many examples- and wikipedia has quite a comprehensive definition and history of the "zine".
I hope you can let this information ruminate and I’m sure you will come up with some great ideas to put in a zine, If you can produce an edition of 15 [or 30 would be even better] zines [by photocopying] and post them to us, we would love to have them. They can be left unsigned if you prefer anonymity, or you can use a pseudonym, or of course you can sign them.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact, and as we need 1400 zines in total, please encourage your friends to make an edition for us too.
Please post as many zines as you can to me at the address below before March the 31st.
I thankyou in advance,
Kind Regards,
Georgia Thorpe 
Advertising/ Subscriptions Manager
Print Council of Australia
Postal address: Office 5, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne, Vic 3051
ph 03) 9328 8991 
fax 03) 9328 8993

The Print Council of Australia Inc is a national, not-for-profit visual arts organisation which promotes an appreciation of contemporary Australian printmedia - artist's books + zines, digital art, works on paper, and printmaking - through exhibitions, publications and commissioned editions.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Field Study International Exhibition at the V&A London

Field Study International

April 4 – Sept. 5

National Art Library Entrance

V&A Museum

South Kensington


Field Study began in 1993 started by David Dellafiora, Eamon Kirwan and Benedict Phillips. During the following years, artists from different countries joined the initiative, becoming a truly international group. One of their main aims is that everyone is welcome to become a member, irrespective of their arts practice, and to contribute. Field Study sees work by individual artists as emanations and collective work as manifestations and was originally influenced by the Surrealist and Fluxus movements.

The annual Field Study International Journal was their first publication, but throughout the years the group has developed new assembling periodicals such as WIPE, ReSite and in collaboration with the Australian Disability Support Service Karingal - KART. A selection of this material will be on show.

Also on display there will be works by Erica Van Horn, Patricia Collins and Benedict Phillips as the ‘Agresiv Dislecksick’, with artwork revolving around his dyslexia. He will be giving a special lunchtime lecture on Wednesday July 27 in the V&A Sackler Centre.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Magazine is Haunted!

Great site for downloading free pre-code comics, digital comic museum. A guilty pleasure in the Field!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Field Study Post Box 16/2/11

ReSite pages from Theatre of Names and Addresses, UK
Open World zine from Rora & Dobrica Kamperelic, Serbia
WIPE sheets from Ampersand Duck & byrd, Australia
El Mail Tao-no.67, Karl-Friedrick Hacker, Germany
Mail art from Ed Varney, Canada
Mani Arts and edition for Field Report, Pascal Lenoir, France

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Am Typewriter- Zine Festival, Sticky Melbourne

Photo of No Frills Art (Glen Smith) & David Dellafiora
Photography by Ive Sorocuk

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Field Study Post Box 9/2/2011

Edition of postcards for KART from Bernd Reichert, Belgium
Mail Art from No-Institute, Germany
Collecting exhibition opening invite, Netherlands
ReSite score 'Banana Symphony' by JF Chapelle, France
Franticham's Assembling Box no.10, Redfox Press, Ireland
Mail Art from Mark Greenfield, UK

Sunday, February 6, 2011

WIPE No.61- hot off the press!


Samuel Montalvetti


David Dellafiora




Diane Bertrand


JF Chapelle . Denis Charmot


Eberhard Janke


Vittore Baroni . Serse Luigetti . Claudio Romeo

Giovanni Strada


Emilio Carrasco


Atelier Kunst & Ko . Magda Lagerwerf


Miguel Jimenez


Susan Mortimer


John M.Bennett .Pati Bristow .  Laura Dunn

Otto David Sherman 

KART 24 - hot off the press!

KART Magazine Of Multiplicity

Welcome to the 24th issue of KART, an instant art collection in a box!

KART magazine is an assembling publication created to promote artistic and cultural diversity. KART is an ongoing project, with no deadlines, and work is accepted on a continuing basis. KART is produced in limited editions of 40.

The KART back catalogue is now in the collection at the National Arts Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, London. KART will also showcase as part of the Field Study International display at the V&A from April to August 2011.

David Dellafiora (curator) Jan 2011

Australia: Helen Amyes • Spowart & Cooper • Toni ann Dowd • Marianne Midelburg  France: JF Chapelle • Bruno Sourdin Germany: Angela Behrendt  J├╝rgen O. Olbrich Hungary: Tom Soy Italy: Vittore Baroni • Serse Luigetti Netherlands: Magda Lagerwerf UK: Sue Vallance USA: Reed Altemus • John M. Bennett 

Field study post out 6/2/11