Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Field Report 2019- Journal Of Field study International is published!

The Journal Of Field Study International

The Field Report has reached the symbolic milestone of 25 years of publication and remains a tangible artefact of the mailart network. Initially conceived as a magazine of possibilities and a directory of Networkers, the first call out was for work that went beyond the boundaries of the gallery. The first edition took the form of a box of broadsheets featuring pieces by the mailart Network and records of Field Study emanations and manifestations, but by the second edition had taken its current form as an assembling publication.

Housed behind the imagery of the hermetic beehive (a masonic symbol of industry), 2019’s emanations take multiple forms, from artiststamps, through to collage, text based work, documentation of performances, events and a taxonomy of art gallery toilets. Fortieth anniversaries are also celebrated, in particular by Artpool and FEMAILIST Carol Stetser. 2019 also saw the Field Study meeting at Tate Britain which is documented here. The meeting featured artists from across Europe performing work and exchanging ephemera.

Other works in this report reference the beehive as concept particularly Julian Beere’s Fagure de miere. Other emanations explore ESP and parapsychology – these include Retail Cargo Cult’s The Rhine Experiment [Replicated], Lucy Godycki’s Kirlian Photography, Dr Anna Banana’s modification of organic forms through psychic interventions and Sarah Bodman’s remote viewing automatic drawing experiment.

In memory of Dawn Redwood whose Art was Life and Life was Art
David Dellafiora

Field Study Emanations By
Martha Aitchison .  Artpool . Anna Banana . Vittore Baroni . Horst Baur . Julian Beere .
John M Bennett . Bev Bills . Sarah Bodman . Brandstifter . Hans Braumûller .
Vizma Brúns . Emilio Carrasco . Chameleon Lectra . Victoria Cooper .RF Côté . Cracker Jack Kid . Laura Cristin . David Dellafiora  . Martin Desloovere . Phil Edwards . Piet Franzen . Lucy Godycki . Antonio Gomez . Karl-Friedrich Hacker  . Susan Hartigan . Paul Holman .
Eberhard Janke . Magda Lagerwerf . Beltrán Laguna . Susanna Lakner . Teresa Lawrence . Siggi Liersch . Serse Luigetti . Renée Magaña . Memplex Art  . Ada Milovanovic . Peter Mueller . Emilio Morandi . Leo Morrissey . Ken Naigus . Keiichi Nakamura . Jurgen O.Olbrich  . Leonie Osowski . Stephen Perkins . Benedict Phillips . Bernd Reichert . Terry Reid .
Sabine Remy . Glen Smith . Zoe Snyder . Doug Spowart . Angela Stadthaus . State Of Being
Carol Stetser . Rod Summers . TICTAC . Thierry Tillier . Alan Turner . Daniele Virgilio . Sal Wood . Tamara Wyndham

The Field Report is the annual of Field Study International, produced since 1996 in the form of an assembling book. Artists are invited to create an edition of 100 pages conceived as a ‘Field Study Emanation’. Works include documentations of performances, actions, instructions, manifestoes, journey works, tracts, rants, instructions, manifestoes, reflections and experiments. Each issue contains the work of about fifty artists. Size14.5x21cm, wire bound, hand stamped, numbered.  
A limited number of the 2019 Field Reports are available for sale cost $60 US (includes international p+p) email for details