Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Journal Of Field Study International 2013 Field Report is published!

Field Study Emanations by

Martha Aitchison . Antic-Ham . Artpool . Carlyle Baker . Vittore Baroni . Horst Baur . Julian Beere . John M Bennett . Bev Bills . Chameleon Lectra. JF Chapelle . Paolo Conti . Victoria Cooper . RF Côté . Marc Cuthbertson . David Dellafiora . Martin Desloovere . Gracie Edwards . Phil Edwards . Robyn M Fry . Antonio Gomez . Uli Grohmann  . Susan Hartigan . Mardi Hirst . Invisible Books . Eberhard Janke . K.Frank Jensen . Magda Lagerwerf . Susanna Lakner . Ginny Lloyd . Serse Luigetti . Francis Van Maele . Peter Mueller . Emilio Morandi . Ken Naigus . Keiichi Nakamura . Andrew Maximilian Niss . Jurgen O.Olbrich . F’nL Osowski . Cheryl Penn . Benedict Phillips  . Point d’Ironie . Ross Priddle. Bernd Reichert . Gianni Simone . Luke Sinclair . Glen Smith . Zoe Snyder . Doug Spowart . Angela Stadthaus . State Of Being . Carol Stetser . TICTAC . Alan Turner . Lutz Wohlrab

The Journal Of Field Study International
Welcome to the 19th edition of the Field Report marking the milestone of 20 years of Field Study. Conceived as a way of reclaiming the negative spaces between art and life, Field Study has expanded into a community of artists collectively creating the annual Field Report. Field Study celebrated its 20 years in the field in January with a gathering of new and old networkers on the steps of Tate Britain and later at the Morpeth Arms.  The Artist’s Book Yearbook 2014-2015 (Impact Press) featured an article on Field Study by Sue Hartigan.
This year’s report is in memory of Swiss artist Günther Ruch (1942-2013) and Youth Development Officer Sue McKay (1960-2013). Both will be missed.
K Frank Jensen provides an insightful supplement of an emanation, with themes of infringement of personal liberty, surveillance and an Orwellian state. These themes are shared by Eberhard Janke’s ‘Big B(R)OTHER’ and Uli Grohmann’s ‘with friendly assistance of the NSA.’
Field Study networkers were active internationally. Horst Baur staged Papernews in China, while 38 countries were represented in the Mail Art Academy in Berlin, organised by Klaus Staeck and Lutz Wohlrab. Canada’s Circulaire 132 reached its 100th edition in 2013 and a number of projects, including Artery After School art workshops at Lara Library in Australia, introduced young people to mail art.
Julian Beere’s emanation of letters to the ghosts of past selves highlights the need to keep updating the Field Study Directory in order for it to be a useful network tool. Please get in contact if notice any details are incorrect.
I would like to thank Martha Aitchison and all the Networkers who came to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Field Study. Thanks also goes to Susan Hartigan, Geelong Arts Alliance, Sticky, the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry and the Youth Development Unit, City of Greater Geelong.
David Dellafiora
A limited number of the 2013 Field Reports are available for sale cost $60 US (includes international p+p) email for details


Sunday, May 25, 2014

A generous Zine donation to Field Study archive

Thanks to Anthony Woodward for your very generous donation of zines and comics to the Field Study archive. All the best with your move to Canada.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

WIPE 81 hot off the press!

Vizma Bruns . Duke Fitzwilliam . Peter Kingston
R.F. Cõté
Theresia Brasche. Uli Grohmann
 Siggi Liersch. PLG
Jurgen O.Olbrich . TICTAC
Katerina Nikoltsou
Giovanni Strada
Magda Lagerwerf
Torill Elisabeth Larsen
Miguel Jimenez
Lubomyr Tymkiv
John M.Bennett . Laura Dunn
Otto David Sherman
Wipe is a small assembling publication in which toilet paper is the medium. The use of a nonarchival, indeed anti-archival medium, is intentional, with the ephemerality and fragility of the medium insharp contrast with the artistic concern for archival materials. Conceived as a playful lightweight publication to circumvent postage costs, Wipe nods to Duchamp’s urinal and challenges contributors to make work on a medium that is almost anti-art.

Contributors source their own toilet paper, a source of fascination in itself and a comment on the hygiene practices of different societies. In spite of its intended ephemerality, toilet paper allows rubberstamping, stitching, collaging, and even frottaging. When 20 contributions are received, Wipe is distributed to participants by mail. (text by Susan Hartigan)
Limited copies of WIPE 81 are available for sale for $20 US (including international p&p) email for further details.

KART 48 is published!

KART Magazine Of Multiplicity

Welcome to the 48th issue of KART, an instant art collection in a box! 
The cover on this issue is a celebration of the May 1968 Student riots, long live the Situationist International!
KART magazine is an assembling publication created to promote artistic and cultural diversity. KART is an ongoing project with no deadlines, and work is accepted on a continuing basis. KART is produced in limited editions of 40, each box containing works by 15 artists. This is a super bumper issue with 21 makers contributing!

David Dellafiora (curator) May 2014

Australia: David Dellafiora • Marianne Midelburg • Jiri Tibor Novák  • Jack Oudyn  • Scott Reid • Zoe Snyder Germany: Angela Behrendt • Uli Grohmann • Siggi Liersch • Peter Müller • Jürgen O. Olbrich TICTAC Italy: Daniele Virgilio Netherlands: Magda Lagerwerf Spain: Miguel Jimenez Ukraine: Lubomyr Tymkiv UK: Sue Vallance USA: David Stanley Aponte • John M. Bennett • Leo Morrissey • Carol Stetser

A limited number of KARTs are available for sale for $20 US (includes international p&p) email for further details. 

Mountain To Mouth - Retail Cargo Cult Lantern Labyrinth

Retail Cargo Cult Lantern Labyrinth, Steampacket Gardens, Geelong. Community Lantern project developed by Susan Hartigan, David Dellafiora and Glen Smith as part of the Mountain To Mouth Extreme Arts Walking event.