Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the Field Study postbox 30/5/2012

Edition made for ReSite by Cheryl Penn, South Africa

Franticham's Assembling Box 19, Red Fox Press, Ireland
Cats and Boxes, artistbook by Henry Denander, Sweden
1+11+1, artist card by JF Chapelle, France
Bernd Reichert is (t)here, Japan
Mail art invite, John Held Jr, USA
Round The World Tours, First Day Issue, C.T.Chew, USA

Artistamps & postcards in a Patient's Belonging Bag by Otto David Sherman, USA

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lost and Found in E17: Field Study's Man in E17 unloads a carriage of Woo...

Lost and Found in E17: Field Study's Man in E17 unloads a carriage of Woo...: A point of view in the not quite so dark reaches of Wood St, E17   Creating an art work, an installation in this case, mi...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cloverdale Autumn Festival Forest Mural Workshop

Cloverdale Autumn Festival 26 May 2012. Forest mural with Glen Smith (nofrillsart) and David Dellafiora (Field Study)

Artery session 5: Lara Zine

Artery- After School Art workshop session 5. Lara Zine created by workshop artists for Gail D. Whitter's 'Bairfayst Book Exhibit' project, Canada

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lost and Found in E17: Field Study's Man gets all charged up

Lost and Found in E17: Field Study's Man gets all charged up: Field Report 2011 Many thanks to David Dellafiora and the other 260-odd (259) students of the field for the wonderful, 'Journal of Fi...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cornelis Vleeskens (1948-2012) R.I.P.

Cornelis Vleeskens

(1948 - 2012)

Poet, Artist and Publisher

Artery session 4- mailart to Japan

Artery- After school art workshop at Lara Library on 9th May made mail art cards for Tokitama's "to YOU with YOU" project and an envelope of work for Keiichi Nakamura's "The Future" project at Atelier Kirigiris, Japan.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

2011 Field Report hot off the press!

Field Study Emanations by

Martha Aitchison . Reed Altemus . Antic-Ham . Artpool . Anna Banana . Vittore Baroni  .   Horst Baur . Julian Beere . Angela Behrendt . John M Bennett . Bev Bills . Keith A. Buchholz . Chameleon Lectra . JF Chapelle . Patricia Collins . Victoria Cooper . RF Côté . Cracker Jack Kid . David Dellafiora . Martin Desloovere . Phil Edwards . Robyn M Fry . Picasso Gaglione . Antonio Gomez . Javier F. Granda . Uli Grohmann . Karl-Friedrich Hacker Susan Hartigan . Invisible Books . Eberhard Janke . K.Frank Jensen . Jennifer Kosharek . Kunst & Ko Kreaties . Magda Lagerwerf . Susanna Lakner . Pascal Lenoir . Ginny Lloyd . Serse Luigetti . Francis Van Maele . Christian Mildbrandt . Emilio Morandi . Ken Naigus . Keiichi Nakamura . Andrew Maximilian Niss . Jurgen O.Olbrich . F’nL Osowski . Benedict Phillips . Point d’Ironie . Ross Priddle . Bernd Reichert . Allan Revich . Luke Sinclair . Glen Smith . Zoe Snyder . Doug Spowart . Angela Stadthaus . State Of Being . Carol Stetser . Giovanni Strada . Alan Turner . Sue Vallance . Bart Verburg . Lutz Wohlrab