Sunday, February 20, 2011

Field Study International Exhibition at the V&A London

Field Study International

April 4 – Sept. 5

National Art Library Entrance

V&A Museum

South Kensington


Field Study began in 1993 started by David Dellafiora, Eamon Kirwan and Benedict Phillips. During the following years, artists from different countries joined the initiative, becoming a truly international group. One of their main aims is that everyone is welcome to become a member, irrespective of their arts practice, and to contribute. Field Study sees work by individual artists as emanations and collective work as manifestations and was originally influenced by the Surrealist and Fluxus movements.

The annual Field Study International Journal was their first publication, but throughout the years the group has developed new assembling periodicals such as WIPE, ReSite and in collaboration with the Australian Disability Support Service Karingal - KART. A selection of this material will be on show.

Also on display there will be works by Erica Van Horn, Patricia Collins and Benedict Phillips as the ‘Agresiv Dislecksick’, with artwork revolving around his dyslexia. He will be giving a special lunchtime lecture on Wednesday July 27 in the V&A Sackler Centre.


  1. Hi David, a big hat tip to the dedication of Field Studies' emanators and manifestators for this fluxus insurgence of the corridors of arts and crafts power - fluxus is life!
    Back in 1993 the Theatre of Names and Addresses studied the field of the V&As lost property department. Field students J.Beere and K.Keller collaborated in the planting of a used William Morris willow pattern decorated address book in the said department. By some mysterious circumstance the book was nowhere to be found when we tried to reclaim it. 17 years should be long enough for them to have found it - if not, Field Studies' manifestations will certainly be more than compensation.