Saturday, June 9, 2012

Royal Flush- Wipe Diamond Jubilee edition

Here is the edition I've just made for the next issue of WIPE no.69.

(First published 1998, Australia)
Wipe, transforms common toilet paper, which might be considered scatological as a fine art material, to leafs for a livres d’artiste. Published since 1998 this assembling magazine is open to anyone to take part, simply send 40 sheets of worked paper, no organic traces, open theme. Every 20 works an issue is produced. A copy is sent to all taking part.

Send To:
Field Study, c/- David Dellafiora, P.O.Box 1838 Geelong VIC 3220 Australia

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  1. My goodness, I wonder how quickly I can make 40 pages & send them across the world in the hope of getting an edition with this in it...