Sunday, June 9, 2019

The 2018 Field Report is out in the world!

Field Study Emanations by
Aardverx . Martha Aitchison . Artpool . Vittore Baroni . Horst Baur . Julian Beere . John M Bennett . Bev Bills . Sarah Bodman . Hans Braumûller  . Vizma Brúns. Chameleon Lectra . JF Chapelle  . Victoria Cooper . RF Côté .  Laura Cristin . David Dellafiora  . Martin Desloovere . Lucy Godycki . Antonio Gomez . Karl-Friedrich Hacker . Susan Hartigan . Paul Holman . Eberhard Janke . KLIRZ . Magda Lagerwerf . Beltrán Laguna . Susanna Lakner . Teresa Lawrence . Siggi Liersch . Serse Luigetti . Renée Magaña . Ute Mescher . Denis Mizzi . Peter Mueller . Emilio Morandi . Leo Morrissey . Ken Naigus . Keiichi Nakamura . Jurgen O.Olbrich . Leonie Osowski . Benedict Phillips . Point d’Ironie . Ross Priddle  . Terry Reid  . Sabine Remy  . Glen Smith . Zoe Snyder . Doug Spowart . Angela Stadthaus . State Of Being . Carol Stetser . TICTAC  . Alan Turner . Sue Vallance . Daniele Virgilio

The Journal Of Field Study International

One of the joys of laying out pages for the Field Report is discovering serendipity at work – this edition features works with holes and circles, gaps in the field, and the ephemera of leaves, note books and feathers. Tangible ephemera has become rarer when more work now occurs on blogs and facebook pages. The Field Report returns mailart to its roots.

The 50th anniversary of the events of May 1968 are referenced by Martin Desloovere work and Terry Reid with his Situationist reading of Denis Mizzi on a walk through the city. Also included in the report are works of a hermetic nature, from gnome crime scenes, to sigils, and recordings of the movement of birds and the labour of bees. The cataloguing of objects is also a feature, with Peter Müller’s Beauty of Poo, Sue Hartigan’s Geelong Ruins Series#1, Incidental Rothkos by Glen Smith and Angela Stadthaus’s classifications of a type of paper.

This edition of the Field Report welcomes KLIRZ with his heroic micro opera and Sarah Bodman and Jayne Marshall with their readings from Encounters with Books/Encuentro con Libros from Santander. Books Beyond Boundaries in Geelong included an illustrated talk on assembling publications and a display from the Field Study archive while Jürgen O Olbrich re-enacted the Fluxshop for Objekt-Magazine in Münich.

2019 will see the 25th issue of The Journal Of Field Study International and welcomes emanations from artists around the globe.
David Dellafiora
The Field Report is the annual of Field Study International, produced since 1996 in the form of an assembling book. Artists are invited to create an edition of 100 pages conceived as a ‘Field Study Emanation’. Works include documentations of performances, actions, instructions, manifestoes, journey works, tracts, rants, instructions, manifestoes, reflections and experiments. Each issue contains the work of about fifty artists. Size14.5x21cm, wire bound, hand stamped, numbered.  
A limited number of the 2018 Field Reports are available for sale cost $60 US (includes international p+p) email for details

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