Saturday, February 3, 2024

WIPE 148 is in the post!

Works by

Max Briffa . Jack Jervies . Fay Valcamis 
Diane Bertrand
Thorsten Fuhrmann . Siggi Liersch
Jurgen O. Olbrich . Lars Schumacher
Beate Senf-Hentsch 
Vittore Baroni . Serse Luigetti
Cristiano Pallara . Giovanni Strada
Mindaugas Zuromakas
Torill Elisabeth Larsen
Antonio Gomez . Juan Fran Nunez Parreno 
Victor Vazqvez
Jeff Bagato . Laura Dunn

Wipe is a small assembling publication in which toilet paper is the medium. The use of a nonarchival, indeed anti-archival medium, is intentional, with the ephemerality and fragility of the medium insharp contrast with the artistic concern for archival materials. Conceived as a playful lightweight publication to circumvent postage costs, Wipe nods to Duchamp’s urinal and challenges contributors to make work on a medium that is almost anti-art.
Contributors source their own toilet paper, a source of fascination in itself and a comment on the hygiene practices of different societies. In spite of its intended ephemerality, toilet paper allows rubberstamping, stitching, collaging, and even frottaging. When 20 contributions are received, Wipe is distributed to participants by mail.(text by Susan Hartigan)
Limited copies of WIPE 148 are available for $20 US (including international p&p) & $14 AUD within Australia email for further details.

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